Core Aeration

Having a weak, patchy lawn is never fun for a property owner. It can be frustrating trying to pinpoint the problem and bring your lawn back to health. Chances are, your lawn is simply suffering from compacted soil. Compacted soil blocks essential nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass, thus, making it difficult for them to grow deep and strong. We highly recommend pairing core aeration with our overseeding service to thicken up those pesky, patchy areas.

We treat cool-season grass types

This means that the lawns that we service thrive most in the fall when they are gearing up for the winter season. Because cool-season grass is so strong in the fall, this is the only season that we offer our core aeration service. This ensures that your lawn is strong enough for core-pulling and will benefit as much as possible from it.

Service Timing

Our core aeration service is open for scheduling starting on September 1st and lasting until October 31st.

We also offer spring aeration for warm season grasses (Bermuda & Zoysia Grass)